Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degrees
Honorary degrees are conferred on deserving individuals who have made substantial contributions to society, such as:
  • Leading academics in all disciplines and creative minds in arts and performance;
  • Public intellectuals and opinion makers;
  • Visionary leaders and exemplary public figures;
  • Community builders and philanthropists.
Honorary degrees are conferred¬†honoris causa, “for the sake of honour,” and are awarded as one of three types: Doctor of Laws,¬†honoris causa; Doctor of Letters,¬†honoris causa; and Doctor of Science,honoris causa.
Learn more about the nomination process and criteria from the UBC Senate
Watch the awarding of recent honorary degrees, including that of Dr. David Suzuki, C.C., O.B.C., Dr. Rick Mercer and Dr. Leon Bibb, O.B.C. on UBC Ceremonies’ YouTube channel
Find the complete list of Honorary Degrees conferred by UBC in the University Library Archives
See the 2018 Honorary Degree Recipients
2018 Honorary Degree Recipients
  • Dr. Rick Mercer

    UBC Vancouver 2010 Honorary Degree Recipient

  • Dr. Leon Bibb, O.B.C.

    UBC Vancouver 2011 Spring Honorary Degree Recipient

  • Dr. David Suzuki, C.C., O.B.C.

    UBC Vancouver 2011 Fall Honorary Degree Recipient