Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 18-Jan-2024 12:40 PM PT

General Questions Before Graduation Day

When will the schedule with ceremony dates and times be available?

The Spring 2024 graduation schedule will be available on as soon as it is finalized in approximately mid-March.

How do I get my composite photo (Grad class) and graduation photos?

  • Each department makes separate arrangements to have composite photos that are often framed and hung in their premises. Please contact the undergraduate coordinator in your program for more information.
  • Ceremonies and Events works with GradImages on your graduation day. Each graduate for whom GradImages has an email address and who has provided permissions to be contacted by third parties should receive a copy of their proofs within a few days after their graduation date. GradImages’ Customer Service Department will assist you with anything you need regarding your photos: (800) 261-2576, online at, or email

To attend graduation, my family needs a letter of invitation for their visa applications. Can you provide this?

UBC does not provide invitation letters, however you can write a letter yourself, inviting your family to come to your graduation. A template for a letter of invitation can be found at

‘Program Completion letters’ to be included as proof of graduation can be downloaded from the Student Service Centre under ‘grades’ or provided by your Faculty.

I am not able to attend my graduation ceremony this term (Spring/Fall). Can I attend the next one around?

Students should attend the ceremony for which they are graduating. Extenuating circumstances around ceremony scheduling should be directed to Enrolment Graduation at

I am a person with accessibility requirements – who should I contact?

If you are a graduand, faculty or guest in need of captioning or interpreting services for a ceremony, please fill out this form by April 24, 2024 (four weeks in advance of graduation) and the Centre for Accessibility will assist with these arrangements. You can also contact 604-822-5844 if you have any questions.

If you are a graduand or faculty member who has physical accessibility needs/mobility issues, please email by April 24, 2024.

If you are a guest of a graduand who has physical accessibility needs, please arrive at the Chan Centre 45 minutes prior to your graduand’s ceremony start time. The Chan Centre ushers would be happy to assist you with pre-seating in advance of the start of ceremony.

What is a procession number?

This is the order in which you’ll cross the stage at your ceremony. Your procession number is listed in the Graduation Summary Details in your Graduation Application. Access your Graduation Application to find your procession number.

Find your Procession Number

Do I have to wear regalia?

Yes, all graduands must wear academic regalia (gown and hood) to attend the congregation ceremonies. The mortarboard hats for Bachelors and Masters students are optional. For more information please see our regalia guidelines.

How do I rent regalia?

The regalia/gown rental period will open on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 and close on Friday, May 3, 2024. The cost to rent a gown and hood online in advance is $55. If you missed the advance rental period, it is possible for you to rent your regalia on-site before your ceremony. Please arrive at the Student Marshalling Tent in Buchanan Courtyard 1.5 hours before your ceremony start time. The cost to rent your regalia on-site is $75 and payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card. For full information, please visit the UBC Bookstore’s student gown rental FAQ page.

Enrolment Services and the Graduation Application Process

I would like my preferred name read out as I cross the stage. What should I do? 

If you’d like to have your preferred name read as you cross the stage and printed in the graduation ceremony booklet, request a name change online.

I would like to submit a name change request for my diploma. What should I do?

The deadline to submit a name change request for your diploma for Spring graduation is Fri, Apr 12, 2024. After that date, you will be required to order a replacement diploma.

I am not able to attend my ceremony, what should I do?

Inform Enrolment Services by emailing them at

How can I get my diploma?  My plans changed and I wasn’t able to attend my ceremony.

Diplomas will not be available for pick up until after all ceremonies have been completed. For pick up availability please see Getting your diploma. To have your diploma couriered, please contact Enrolment Graduation at or call 604-822-9836.

My plans have changed, and I want to attend graduation, but the option to apply through my CWL is no longer available. What can I do?

Email your request to Enrolment Services at

I am graduating with a Dual Degree, what are my options for attending the graduation ceremonies?

Scheduling of Dual Degrees is handled on an individual basis. You must contact Enrolment Graduation at

I am graduating with a Double Major, which ceremony should I attend?

You have been assigned to attend the ceremony for the first major that is listed on your student record; e.g. if your double major is French and Economics, you are assigned to French. To check your student record, log into the Student Service Centre (SSC), select “Registration,” and then “My Program.”

I graduated from UBC Okanagan and moved to Vancouver. Can I receive my degree at a ceremony in Vancouver?

Unfortunately, students must attend ceremonies at their home campus.

I am confused about my graduation status on my SSC?

For all inquiries about your graduation status (Applied, Approved, Not approved, Pending and Pending Approval), please contact your faculty advisor.

Ticketing for Guests of Graduands

Do my guests need tickets for Congregation? Even small children?

Yes. Each guest, including children and infants who might sit on a guest’s lap, needs to have a ticket. The ticketing system is designed to ensure everyone’s safety; Fire Regulations dictate the maximum number of people, big or small, who may occupy the room at one time.

Are my tickets for reserved seats or general admission?

Seating for all graduation ceremonies is GENERAL ADMISSION and is on a first-come, first served basis. Any seat numbering on Chan Centre tickets is not used for graduation ceremonies.

How do I get extra tickets?

Due to the large number of graduates in each ceremony and limited seating, each student is only allocated a maximum of two (2) guest tickets (graduating students DO NOT require a ticket for themselves). The ticketing page will open on Tuesday, April 2 at 12:00 pm (PT).

After the ticket request deadline has passed, the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts will make every effort to provide extra tickets if available. More information will be posted on the Grad Tickets Reservation Page.

Can I use tickets from a classmate who is not attending graduation?

Due to the large number of graduates in some ceremonies, we would appreciate if you would return unused tickets to the Chan Centre Ticket office by emailing

I have tickets, but now I find that I am ineligible to graduate – what do I do with my tickets?

Due to the large number of graduates in some ceremonies, we would appreciate if you would return unused tickets to the Chan Centre Ticket officeby emailing

How will I get my tickets?

You’ll select “Email Ticket Delivery Method” when you request your tickets and they will be emailed as PDF. You can forward the PDF ticket attachment to your guests. If you are sending the PDFs to multiple recipients, please ensure you let the recipient know the barcode number of the ticket they should use.

What is the Standby lineup?

If your ceremony is sold out, your guests are welcome to come early and wait in the Standby lineup in case of last-minute non-attendance. It is recommended that you line up about half an hour before the ceremony begins.

Will I be able to sit with my family and friends inside The Chan Centre during my graduation ceremony?

No, graduands sit together at the front of The Chan Centre, while family and friends sit in the general seating sections.

Graduation Day

What should I wear?

In advance of your graduation ceremony, you will have rented regalia. Prior to your ceremony, you will be picking up a loose-fitting, black (or doctoral), below-knee-length gown/regalia to wear over your clothes. The gown will cover most of your clothing, but your collar will be visible, as will your legs and feet, especially when you walk across the stage to receive your diploma. Handbags are not part of the academic regalia; if you must bring one, you can leave it at your seat in the Chan Centre Concert Hall. Some prefer to bring a very small one with a shoulder strap that can be worn underneath the gown.

How long do the ceremonies last?

Ceremonies run approximately 75 – 90 minutes, depending on the number of students graduating and the program for the ceremony you are participating in.

Are the ceremonies filmed?

There will be a live webcast of all ceremonies here: Links to archived recordings of past ceremonies are also available from the same page.

Are cameras and video recorders allowed at the Graduation ceremony?

Yes, your guests can bring their cameras and recording devices as long as they stay at their seat while doing this.

Is it possible to purchase flowers at UBC and bring them in to The Chan Centre?

Yes, flowers are available for purchase at the Flag Pole Plaza, located just outside The Chan Centre and can be brought inside The Chan Centre.

I registered to attend my graduation ceremony, but now I can’t attend. Will my name still be read out during the ceremony?

No, however your name will appear in the print program and in the web version of the program, which can be found here.

Where should I/my guests park?

  • For ceremony days, the Rose Garden Parkade is being reserved solely for graduating students and their guests, and the Fraser River Parkade will be used as overflow parking.
  • Faculty/Staff Parking permits are NOT valid in the Rose Garden Parkade during Congregation. Faculty/Staff permit holders are encouraged to park at the Fraser or North Parkades.
  • Student parking permits valid for the Rose Garden Parkade will be accepted at the Fraser and North Parkades.

How do I pay for parking?

  • Option 1: When reserving guest tickets using the Grad Tickets Reservation Page, you will have the opportunity to pre-purchase passes for the Rose Garden Parkade or the Fraser River Parkade.
  • Option 2: Save time and avoid lineups by purchasing parking for the Rose Garden Parkade via Honk Mobile App up to 14 days in advance.

Parking costs $10 and can be obtained through the Honk Mobile App Zone ID 5616 or by scanning the QR code (see Honk Mobile App instructions link below) and following the prompts without the need of the mobile App.

Honk Mobile App Instructions

After the Graduation Ceremonies

My degree is listed incorrectly, what should I do?

Contact the Graduation department of Enrolment Services at

I am a UBC graduate and I would like to purchase UBC’s official regalia (i.e. hood, cap and gown). Where can I purchase this?

You can purchase UBC regalia (i.e. gowns, hoods, caps, Ph.D. regalia, etc.) at Gaspard & Sons Ltd.

I am a past graduate; how do I access my StageClip video?

All past graduate StageClip videos can be accessed at Note: StageClip videos are only available for one year after your graduation date.

For Graduates from 2020 and Spring 2021

I am a graduate from Spring 2020, Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021, and my graduation ceremony was virtual. Will there be a make-up graduation ceremony for me?

Make-up graduation ceremonies were held November 15-22, 2022 at The Chan Centre on the UBC Vancouver campus for UBC’s alumni who graduated virtually in 2020/2021. In the Spring/Summer of 2022, all 2020/2021 alumni were invited by email to attend. No further make-up graduation ceremonies will be held.