What to expect at your ceremony

Ceremony Instructions

What to expect at your ceremony
Your big day has arrived! Below is a road map to help you prepare and enjoy your graduation ceremony to the fullest.

1. Regalia Pick-up – Penthouse, Graduate Student Centre

Graduating student regalia pick-up opens 1 hour and 30 minutes before your ceremony start time. If you haven’t pre-registered, gowns are available for rental on-site.
There is no secure storage space available in the Graduate Student Centre.  It is recommended that you leave personal items such as purses and coats with your family/guests.

2. The Graduating Student Procession – Thea’s Lounge, Graduate Student Centre

Once you have picked up your regalia, proceed downstairs to Thea’s Lounge for the procession and to pick up your degree. Your degree and a card inscribed with your name and your procession number will be given to you as you enter.
Your procession number will place you in the order in which you’ll cross the stage. Your procession number is listed in the Graduation Summary Details in your Graduation Application. Procession numbers will be posted for your reference.
At exactly 45 minutes before the start of your ceremony, the Chief Marshal will ask students to assemble in order of their procession numbers.
The Student Procession will leave Thea’s Lounge 20 minutes prior to the ceremony start time and make its way to The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. Please remain in your own line and in your original position at all times.

3. In The Chan Centre – Your Ceremony

Your ceremony will take about 90 minutes. The basic ceremony structure is as follows:
  • Chancellor’s remarks
  • Honorary Degree Recipient remarks
  • President’s remarks
  • Student Speaker
  • Degrees are awarded to the graduates, each of whom will cross the stage.

4. Crossing the stage

When the conferring of degrees is to commence, successive rows of candidates will be directed to rise and follow the marshal to the platform. There are three candidates at any one time on the platform waiting to go forward to the Chancellor:
  • Close to the Dean
  • Halfway between the top of the steps and the Dean
  • At the top of the steps
You will stop on the platform and hand the card with your name on it to the person reading the names. As your name is read out, you pause for a moment in front of the Reader’s Podium facing the audience, so that a picture can be taken of you. You then proceed across the platform, pausing to stand facing the Chancellor. He will say “I admit you” and shake your hand, you then nod to the President and continue across the stage. The Dean of your faculty will be standing on stage near the President to shake your hand as you proceed across the platform.
If you are a candidate for a PhD and / or EdD degree, the hood is carried on your left arm, and the President will drape it over your shoulders after you have been admitted by the Chancellor.
A marshal will direct you to a seat. You will please remain in that seat until the end of the ceremony.
After the ceremony the new graduates remain in their places until a marshal directs the formation of a procession to leave the building.


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