Wednesday, November 22, 2023 – 11:00 am


[Astronomy; Atmospheric Science; Behavioural Neuroscience; Biochemistry; Biology; Bioinformatics; Biophysics; Biotechnology; Botany; Cellular and Physiological Sciences; Chemistry; Combined Major in Science; Earth and Ocean Sciences; Environmental Sciences; Forensic Science; General Science; Genome Science and Technology; Geographical Sciences; Geological Engineering; Geological Sciences; Geophysics; Integrated Sciences; Medical Physics; Microbiology and Immunology; Neuroscience (B.Sc. only); Oceanography; Oceans and Fisheries; Pharmacology; Physics; Physiology (B.Sc. only); Resources, Environment and Sustainability; Zoology]

Ph.D., M.A., M.A.Sc.(Forestry), M.F., M.I.F., M.G.E.M., M.S.F.M., M.Sc., M.U.F.L., B.I.L.S., B.E.S.T., B.Sc., B.S.F., B.Sc.(Forest Sciences), B.Sc.(Natural Resources Conservation), B.Sc.(Wood Products Processing), B.U.F.

Diploma: Meteorology

President’s Service Award for Excellence Recipient: Mandana Amiri
President’s Service Award for Excellence Recipient: Gillian Harris
Killam Teaching Prize Recipient: Alannah Hallas