Grad Ticket Requests


Share your graduation day

Share your graduation day
Invite friends and family to share this celebratory day with you! Every graduating student is invited to bring three (3) guests to their ceremony. As you are the star of the show, tickets are only required for your guests. Please reserve your tickets early to ensure your guests can enjoy the day with you.

Guest Ticket Reservation

Reserve your guest tickets ahead of your ceremony during the online reservation period.



Ticket Reservation Period

First three Tickets for students:  Complimentary (you must reserved these tickets for it to be guaranteed)

  • Ticket requests begin  – Tuesday, April 4 at noon
  • Ticket requests end – Tuesday, May 16 at noon

Limited of 4 extra tickets for students and Public, beginning Wednesday, May 17 at noon:  $2.00 per ticket

Tickets can only be reserved online during the reservation period.

Collect Your Tickets

To complete your reservation, you have two options to pick-up your tickets:

  1. Print ticket online via Chan Centre ticketing website
  2. Pick-up in person from The Chan Centre

Tickets are general seating only. Please ensure your guests have their tickets. All tickets, whether printed at home or picked up, will be scanned for entry to The Chan Centre.

UBC Chan Centre

Standby Lineup

Still hoping for last-minute seats for a sold out ceremony? For each sold out ceremony, there is a Standby Lineup at The Chan Centre as we often have last-minute no-shows.
It is recommended that your additional guests join the Standby Lineup 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.   Overflow seating is available in the Royal Bank Cinema at the Chan Centre.
Please note that there is no guarantee for seat availability in the Standby Lineup.

Accessible Seating

After having ordered your tickets on line from this date to this date, guests who need assistance should arrive 30 minutes early and identify themselves to a Chan Centre staff member upon arrival.  Efforts will be made to pre-seat the party together prior to the concert hall opening to the public.

For further details or to make special arrangements for guests, please contact us via email at

Ticket Questions and Issues?

If you have issues with your Student # when reserving your tickets, please contact The Chan Centre at  Your issue will be responded to promptly.

For all other questions, please visit the FAQ section.


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